Khao Sok National Park is the central of The “Mountain of Rainforest” , it is the largest and important area of rainforest in the southern region. 

There is rich of many types of plants. Both rare and endemic plants include: Bua Phut or Bua Tum The largest flower in Thailand The diameter of the flower is approximately 70 - 80 centimeters. It takes more than 9 months to grow and bloom for only 4 - 5 days during November to January. Tourists especially like to come trekking to see the lotus plants at Khao Sok National Park during this period. 

And Khao Sok is not only the largest place to see Bua Phut , but Khao Sok also has many beautiful waterfalls and hiking path.

Elephant Sunctuary

Bamboo Rafting

Mea-Yay Waterfall

Interesting Activities