Bamboo rafting is the most enjoyable travel activities that should not be missed at Khao Sok National Park. 

Take a ride on a bamboo raft along the river between the shady valleys, to see beautiful nature. Then drink coffee from bamboo, matching the atmosphere of traveling in the forest. (Bamboo coffee is a free activity available only to customers who reserve rafting in advance. This is because preparation is required for cutting fresh bamboo. day by day in advance)

Bamboo rafting in Khao Sok National Park is an exciting experience and fun of traveling to see nature in the largest and richest forest in the South of Thailand.

Bamboo rafting is a tour led by community members in the Khao Sok area who specialize in water tours by using bamboo rafts. 

Bamboo coffee will be served, which is delicious and fits perfectly with the forest atmosphere. (Bamboo coffee is a free activity only for customers who reserve in advance.)

Bamboo Coffee

Bamboo rafting service in Khao Sok National Park, costs 1,000 baht per one raft (one raft can seat 2 people)

 Travel time is approximately 1.30 hours. Free bamboo coffee is served along the way. (Free bamboo coffee is only available to customers who reserve in advance.)

Recommendation: You should reserve the bamboo rafting program at Khao Sok at least 1 day in advance (as service preparation must be made in advance).